środa, 23 października 2013

Ryan Clutch Wave II Extreme Makeover

Once upon a time I got my first male doll as a gift. His official name was Fashionista Ryan Clutch Wave II but I always thought about him as a "Pedał Maciej" :D He was a perfect male being in many aspects. Handsome, well built, 11 inches long, always stiff...

We even had a  love affair:
But he cheated on me with Ken so it was over quick :<
He broke my heart...

The only thing that annoyed me was his stupid prep boy/ Justin fucking Bieber hairstyle.. so I decided to adjust him to my sophisticated tastes:

Ryan become hair metal frontman :D
Blond long L'oreal commercial hair? Check. Playmate of the month face? Check. Six pack? Check. Singing talent? Nope, but it's optional 
I'm in American Hair Band
Watch me rock,
 you can raise your hands
or you can suck my cock
Heavy Metal god, I'm a pin up boy
I'm a singer from Tuff not Pretty Boy Floyd

Kurt Cobain is gone but I'm back
Wearing leather pants and a backwards hat
Guitars slung low
Where the down boys go
The night trains back so on with the show
I'm Metal Health
And dressed to thrill
I'm an SMF with the looks that kill
I rocked and rolled, n' long hair is back
And I grew up, singing Strutter, And Back, in Black
Thoose briiight staaaage liiightss...
I'm so perfect I just need some spandex pants and shiny stuff...
And strippers.;..
And some cocaine...
I'm more womanly than you...
I'm shirtless at the moment, but a guy like me don't need to wear shirts at all...
How old am I? Nobody knows!
My surgeon is my dealer so my age never shows!
Vicodin, Valium, Percocet and crack,
Everybody scream Heavy Metal’s back!

Five, six, seven, eight
She wishes Bret Michaels was her date
Tryin' so hard to be oldschool
But Goddamn' Poison was never cool

So that's it. I'm gonna give him a proper wardrobe and some tattoos maybe. :D Next time I'm gonna present my newest chinese Barbie clone. She's ADORABLE X.X Or maybe it's just perverted clone lover in me...  

niedziela, 20 października 2013

Raquelle Is A Punk Rocker Now *guitar*

I got tired of my plain mary jane dolls and made a new outfit :3  The result is something between Hard Rock Cafe Barbie for the poor  and Rich White Girl Barbie Goes To Hot Topic And Becomes Such An Edgy Rebel Punk Chick. 

I started with faux leather jacket. I decorated it with chains (made from my old broken jewellery) and quasi studs. On the back I put a big patch which is actually a clothing tab from my Punk Rave shirt. It proves that almost everything can be recycled in doll fashion making!
Next comes the plaid patterned skirt made mostly of my old bra. I always buy bras with dolls on my mind so the pattern has to keep the scale :D I also used elastic band on the top.
The finishing touches are black ribbon on the bottom, a decorative chain and small skull print that I cut out of the skull patterned ribbon. 
Then I made a simple black tank top and spiced it up with another Punk Rave tab and some shiny things pretending to be the studs.
Then the overknees were made. I decorated it with skull prints too.
And the boots are I Can Be... Rockstar gift set boots painted jet black :D
Ready for the picture spam starring Raquelle Fashionistas Clutch Wave 1?

Whoopsie, underskirt!
So that's all I guess... I hope you like it :D I'm new here but I have been reading lots of awesome dolls blogs so I hope I get along with the community :3